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I support Ronald Kim for 21st Congressional District

Ronald Kim is a Democrat from Glens Falls, running in a field of nine Democrats to unseat Republican Elise Stefank in the U.S. House of Representatives 21st Congressional District of New York. I know Ronald and I wanted to share a little of what I know about him.

Ronald lives in Queensbury with his wife of 27 years. Their three children are grown. He dedicates his law practice to protection of the interests of consumers, debtors, employees and sexual harassment victims — for us when our rights are violated. In Saratoga Springs, he was the Commissioner of Public Safety from 2005 to 2010. As a City Council member, he helped the city achieve tremendous growth.

Ronald knows how frequently we’re seen as the “ugly stepchild” of the beautiful 21st, both because of our distance from the rest of the District and, also, because of our economic challenges. Yet, he sees great possibility. As our Congressional Representative, he will appoint an economic development case worker to recommend actions we can take together to enhance the climate for jobs and progress. He will fight for broadband access for all and reach out to manufacturers looking to site their facilities in a low-cost area with an abundant and trainable workforce. He sees FMCC as central to any technology/workforce solution.

Ronald Kim knows that regions with good healthcare attract more and better industries than those that don’t. He believes in universal health care, an approach that also helps regional/rural healthcare systems provide care for all. As an environmental advocate, he will work for cleanup of the parts of our local environment most negatively impacted by our industries of old.

Ronald supports the Second Amendment. He appreciates and respects safe gun owners, particularly those using their firearms to help put food on the table. “But,” he said recently, “it’s terrible what’s been happening in society and Congress must act.” He says that taxing the spending of political action committees like the National Rifle Association can help break the stranglehold they have over rational action.

When asked what sums up his belief in his candidacy, Ronald says “I offer concrete solutions. People have great sympathy for issues, but we need actual solutions. As a litigator and public servant, there is no ‘just talking.’ You have to get in there, figure things out, listen to all sides, and act. My track record backs me up.”



Children today do not know the true meaning of Easter

Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Glory be to God.

The Easter season is here. Unfortunately, children are raised with a misconception of this sacred, holy holiday.

Easter means the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, however children ages 12 to 16 have no inkling who Jesus Christ is. In some homes, there is no Bible or the mere mention of Jesus Christ. For anyone who reads this letter and has never heard of Jesus Christ, I will expound on this matter.

1. Jesus Christ is the son of God.

2. Jesus Christ is the incarnation of God.

3. Jesus Christ died on a cross to atone for men’s sins.

4. Jesus Christ voluntarily laid down his life on a Roman cross.

5. Jesus Christ bridged the gap between sinful men and a holy God through the cross.

6. Jesus Christ was sinless which made him a perfect substitute for atoning for the sins of men.

You might say what is a sin. Sin is rebellion against a holy God. Any impure thought, any obscenity stated or watched on the internet, any unrighteous anger, any like spoken, and proud behavior (God hates pride) is sin. The Bible states, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Just take a look at the world: We see terrorism, school shootings, domestic violence, murders, rapes, thefts, etc. All men have the capability to murder, steal, rape women, commit mass shootings that’s why we are sinners. It is not due to a flaw in our personalities as psychologists falsely assert. It is due to our sin nature we commit acts of violence. But, love covers a multitude of sins. God is love revealed in his son, Jesus Christ. How can we display Christlike love:

1. A sharp remark refrained.

2. Displaying acts of mercy.

3. A constructive comment that builds others up.

4. Rebuking others in a spirit of love with tact and diplomacy.

I will end by stating we can show Christlike love when we come to Jesus Christ and asking and receiving forgiveness and inviting Jesus in your heart.



By Kerry Minor

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