Don’t fall for fast slogans and promises

Last month, I wrote about Hitler using propaganda to accuse the newspapers of publishing “Jewish lies,” and comparing it with Trump’s “fake news.” This month, slogans.

Hitler learned about slogans from the social Democrats (Communists), whom he hated. Repeat something often enough and the masses will believe it. He always pandered to the “masses.” Hitler: “Make Germany great again.” Trump: “Make America great again.” He took the words right out of Hitler’s mouth. However, many of the things Trump is doing, such as taking us out of the Paris Climate Accords are not making us look great, but instead we look like a country full of uneducated, uncaring, entitled fools.

Anyway, right from the magazine of the Union of Concerned Scientists, here’s another Trump slogan: “Two for one.” Sounds great, doesn’t it? Like getting two loaves of bread for the price of one — but not so.

This order of Trump’s requires federal agencies to repeal two regulations for every one they issue.

The EPA wants to issue a regulation preventing toxic mercury from being discharged into public sewer systems. Sounds like a good rule, but what would they have to do, ditch the clean air and clean water acts? (If they haven’t already been ditched.) What sort of government do we have that happily sets about to purposely poison the world by dumping toxins and filth into our water and air.

I say, be aware, be sharp, don’t fall for slogans, and conserve fossil fuels and give up methane-causing beef.



By Kerry Minor

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