More left-wing gun myths proven wrong

The blood in the streets myth might be the granddaddy of them all and lies at the terror-filled heart of gun haters and the fearful. It is played upon and manipulated by evil power brokers in both political parties. Politicians know they can use it to play on emotions while relying on armed troops to keep them in control and remain relatively safe.

Beginning in 1987 when Florida became the first state to introduce a statewide Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW) program, Democrat presidents, Hillary types and her lemmings, have spread desperate fears of the blood in the streets myth.

We’d have dangerously armed people shooting slow sales clerks and each other at stoplights or for no reason at all. They’ll turn simple arguments into blood baths in the streets, simply because they can! America would become Dodge City (which was never the Dodge City portrayed in the wild west movies).

Its a text book example of paranoid delusion-the psychological projection of internally imagined monsters onto people nearby, despite any reflection of reality. There was never, never any blood in the streets from people who signed up for FBI approved discreet carry licenses. Right up through Illinois, the 50th and final state to get at least some form of lawful carry license, blood in the streets was proven false by the evidence in every single case. No exceptions. Even the gold standard. FTC freedom to carry without any government-required license. Constitutional carry, which got that name in Arizona in 1994, failed to manifest any bloodshed insanity. Blood in the streets is clearly mytholigical.

Yet the paranoid kept foisting their delusions on us.

The “news” media kept sounding false alarms in defiance of every ethical guideline they supposedly honor. No corrections or retractions have been made despite incontrovertible hard evidence. This is the rubbish the left used to interfere with progress. They not only denied it in the face of overwhelming proof they’re using it again. Their quiver is empty.



By Kerry Minor

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