The public knows the real truth

As a representative for the town of Johnstown, I would anticipate all of our local officials speak truthfully — in general. WENT and The Leader Herald attempted their best to provide accurate news based upon discussions or interviews.

On April 23, I heard the news broadcast that was aired on WENT in the early afternoon. The broadcast concentrated on two board members and the conflicting views. Those board members would be Supervisor Jack Wilson or Councilman Timothy Rizzo (myself).

This editorial expresses my belief why my phone calls are never answered between Mr. Wilson, because it’s an added layer of disconnect. It was inferred, that Mr. Wilson does not answer his phone when I call due to the repetitive phone calls, if I heard it correctly. My cell phone has indicated that since February 13, 2018 to April 23, 2018 I have attempted calling Mr. Wilson on 2/13, 3/16, 3/28, 4/13, and 4/14. Five times out of 69 days. Yet, Mr. Wilson asked for me to come in and meet with him while there are no posted hours for the supervisor and yet no phone calls will be answered. Chasing a white elephant, I would say. The bigger question is, why I’m being singled out by some board members during these meetings — at times. Similar to what happened with Mr. Westover, as I was witness to. I think it’s just political propaganda that does nothing for the town. All boards have disagreements, no matter what the business is.

After each publication of “Year in Review,” some board members become angry with me. My publications are transparent and indicate town issues at which I supported, contested, or was influenced from discussions with residents upon their direction. Each year, I will publish a “Year in Review” — as promised to all the residents who elected me and support me and/or appreciate the transparency. If transparency is dragging the town through the mud, then the decisions that were raised were never fully ironed out or are genuine for addressing.

Grandstanding is the new term being used in the town. Discussing topics of concern that impact the town it’s now “grandstanding”. Or is it because you’re actually challenging critical thinking, performance, or management? Past administrations lost over a million dollars of the fund balance due to failed management skills, starting in 2011 / 2012 with no capital plan. The public knows the truth.

If you’re a believer of the good old boy system, this publication would appeal to you with a chuckle. Failing to properly inform the public, along with limited record keeping is of that tradition. If you’re factual, you’re now the outsider and not part of the “group”. Constructive criticism, management, policies, and accountable are core issue within the town.

Elections are approximately within 1.5 years for Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Wilson, and myself.


Town of Johnstown councilman

By Kerry Minor

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