Global warming is not a myth or ‘fake news’

In 2010, Donald Trump spoke of Global warming as “a con,” later tweeting that “the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” More Nazi-style propaganda? I think this is “fake news” about the Chinese who, on many days either must stay indoors or wear masks to protect them from their smog. I think they know a bit about pollution and global warming!

Later, Trump told a right-wing talk show host, “I’m not a believer in man-made global warming. It could be warming, and it’s going to start to cool at some point. And you know, in the early, in the 1920s, people talked about global cooling. But the problem we have, and if you look at our energy costs, and all of the things we’re doing to solve a problem that I don’t think in any major fashion exists.” Eh? What? Does this even make sense? What did he just tell us? He may profess not to believe in global warming, but he is building higher sea walls at some of his coastal properties to prevent the flooding that comes with rising sea levels, so I think he’s lying to us (again) when he says global warming is a con and a hoax.

Meanwhile, please, conserve fossil fuels and eat less beef. It will even save you money.

And, in the Democratic primaries consider a vote for Tedra Cobb for Representative to the House. She is very environmentally concerned, and has a lot of experience behind her.



By Patricia Older

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