We need to put a stop on tax hikes

I received in my mail two tax proposals for the library and the school system — library begging for two percent; school begging for 4.9 percent.

This is on top of a big, big, big tax hike in January. No one ever explained to the taxpayers of Fulton County where all that money went. No one was held responsible so everyone went on with their good jobs.

My income for this year will be no different from 2017. The little bit of money I have in the bank pays me 1.35 percent. I would truly love 6.9 percent.

I do not want to hear the kids need this, that or the other thing. The young adults graduating from public systems are not receiving basic educational skills. They can not write, they can not read cursive writing. So basically they can not read or write.

Giving the school system any more of our hard earned money is a waste of our own resources. We have to put a stop to any more tax hikes.

In the future, the taxpayers of Fulton County or any county, must vote any tax proposals that comes along.

I am 82 years old and believe me, if you do not vote down future tax proposals, you will have no money left to pay the taxes on any home when you are 82.



By Patricia Older

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