I plan on supporting Robert Smullen

After careful consideration I have decided that I will support Robert Smullen for our next assemblyman. As you know Marc Butler decided not to run for re-election. Marc has been an outstanding assemblyman, and as I stated in the past, he is a tough act to follow. I thank Marc for his many years of service 118th Assembly District and all he has done for Fulton County.

Looking at the three remaining candidates for this assembly seat, I have weighed out all positives and negatives about all three. All three men have a lot to offer. I have never been one to strictly vote for party lines. Keith Rubino will be an up-and-coming star in the Democratic Party. I fear the Democratic party is turning into a Socialist Party. If we haven’t learned history, we should know that socialism does not work. Patrick Vincent, also vying for the seat, is a very good candidate. He has strong management background. He’s a very good candidate; I fear that he can get too emotional at times and that may cloud his judgement. Running the candidates Forum at the Pine Tree Rifle Club, I almost felt like he didn’t work well with others. All the candidates seemed to want to work with me and the organization on this process. It was almost like he tried to bully me into changing the format, because he had second thoughts on it after approving it to begin with. I’m sorry but that left a bad taste in my mouth. If you can’t work well with me organizing a small event, how are you going to work across the aisle in Albany New York?

Robert Smullen is a retired Marine Corps Colonel. That in itself says a lot. My father was a Marine who fought in World War II. If I learned anything about Marines, they do what they say and say what they do. Everything becomes a mission, they go in with the attitude that they will succeed. They’re honest hard-working, have integrity, and will only fight when they have to. Unlike the other candidates, Bob has never run or held a political office before. He has also been endorsed by the Fulton County Republican Committee. Our county carries a big number of votes for the 118th. I see it as a positive, a local hero as our voice in Albany.

My experience in management, for 45 years having a variety of people work for me, I find career veterans are the best of the best. When you ask them to do something, consider it done. I see no hidden agenda with Robert Smullen. Most people I have worked with in the past either at Pine Tree Rifle Club or at work always seem to have a hidden agenda. I don’t see that with Mr. Smullen.

I hope you will vote for Robert Smullen for our next assemblyman for the 118th.



By Josh Bovee

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