Gerard McAuliffe is the only ‘highly qualified’ candidate

I endorse J. Gerard McAuliffe for Fulton County family court judge. While the endorsement from a former town justice may mean little, the fact that Gerard received a rating of “Highly Qualified” from the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission should hold substantial weight.

The IJEQC’s review includes the candidate’s professional ability, character and integrity, reputation for fairness and lack of bias, courtesy and patience. They must be preeminent members of the legal profession in their community with outstanding professional ability, work ethic, intellect, judgment and breadth of experience, possessing the highest reputation for honesty, integrity and good character, and exhibit the highest capacity for distinguished judicial temperament, including courtesy, patience, independence, impartiality and respect. The candidate submits numerous past cases, allows an extensive background check, writing samples, and interviews by IJEQC members.

Gerard is the only non-judge in our district to be “highly qualified.”

To have a peer review this extensive and receive this rating attests to his education, his real life applications of the law, and his overall character.

His passion for justice, and his compassion for his clients, showed every time he appeared as counsel. He was professional in representing clients, respectful of the court, and extremely well prepared to present a vigorous defense, or seek an appropriate and just resolution for his client.

Those who delved deeply into his qualifications gave him the only “highly qualified” rating for Fulton County Family Court Judge. I agree: he is not only highly qualified, he is the best candidate.



By Josh Bovee

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