Elise Stefanik understands the North Country economy

The growth of small businesses in upstate New York is essential to increasing and maintaining a strong North Country economy. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik understands this notion, and has fought to remove the burdensome government regulations and restrictive tax rates which have kept so many small businesses from being independent, operational, and competitive.

A great example of Elise’s pro-business mindset was her vote for H.R. 1312: Small Business Capital Formation Enhance Act, which would help many small businesses across the district reduce their monthly tax expenses, enhance their operational capacities, and expand their profits. This in turn would allow for employers to pay workers higher wages and grow their net business income.

Congresswoman Stefanik has also advocated strongly for enhanced career and technical training for employees which prepares a more skilled workforce that leads to an increase in overall efficiency and output for many small businesses.

By reforming the tax codes that restrict so many business owners as well as advocating for a more equipped workforce, Congresswoman Stefanik has our district headed in the right direction for small business growth and sustainability.



By Josh Bovee

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