How do you move an entire country and then where to?

Sept. 8, was the day that worldwide demonstrations were held to “rise for climate, jobs and justice.” We might perhaps have added national security to that list.

Last year, I attended a program about climate change and national security. For instance, the drought in Syria, caused by warming conditions, has prompted farmers and herders to quit the land for the cities, leaving many young men rootless, with nothing to do. So, they join ISIS. Syria’s resulting destabilization, civil war, and violence has caused a mass exodus of refugees fleeing to Europe; refugees Europe is not prepared for.

Meanwhile, in low-lying countries, and on some of the Pacific atolls, people are considering leaving their homes due to sea level rise. In Bangladesh, farm fields are being inundated by sea water, and farmers are forced to move inland. Whole countries on the Pacific atolls will be having to move due to sea level rise encroaching on their homes. But how do you move an entire country? And where do you move it too?

Droughts, starvation, sea level rise, water crises as the water-providing glaciers melt away, all will cause climate refugees, and are high concerns for our military. Meanwhile, our low-lying Naval bases are in jeopardy. The biggest base, at Norfolk, Va., already is plagued with flooding, even during benign weather, while the hurricanes that threaten it are becoming stronger, due to the warming Atlantic waters.

Please, conserve fossil fuels, give up beef, call your Congressman, and remember, a vote for Tedra Cobb is a vote for the earth and for the future of your children.



By Patricia Older

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