Screens not on windows is now considered blight

Recently, the Common Council in Gloversville enacted a blight law that would have the Gloversville Police Department serving citations for windows on houses not being covered with screens.


Is this what our elected officials do in their free time or are they being paid to seek out micro laws to annoy the same citizens who elected them?

Why not look into funding recreation centers for the city youth? Look at what happened to Railfest this year. Did the Common Council vote on that too?

And the Gloversville Police Department?

There are Level II and Level III sex offenders using fake names on Facebook which is a felony and the police department turns a blind eye to that.

The man who was found in the Cayadutta Creek has a history of heroin overdose yet the toxicology results have not come back yet? What about the many drug dens in Gloversville? Why doesn’t the Common Council vote to have them removed?

Gloversville is no longer a city where people want to live because of these and other problems that have easy solutions.

Blight? Window screens? Really?



By Patricia Older

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