St. Anthony’s groundskeeper is an amazing asset to cemetery

On Sunday, Sept. 2, my boyfriend and I visited St. Anthony’s Cemetery in Johnstown in search of a good friend and former neighbor who passed away late August. It was our first visit to St. Anthony’s and we were very impressed with the beautiful grounds and serene feeling.

It was a very hot and humid Sunday — much as our summer presented us this year. We walked for almost 20 minutes then happily found our friend’s monument. We saw a groundskeeper tending to our friend’s burial site. Remember, it was very hot and humid that day — the kind of day that takes your breath away. We briefly said hello to the cemetery groundskeeper who worked hard yet appeared hot and sweaty yet continued with watering our friend’s grave site which had dirt and grass. We introduced ourselves and thanked him for his dedication. He replied, “ I always take care of people’s resting places as if they were family.”

I am writing this to personally thank this groundskeeper for his dedication and respect to those passed. Any family who has loved ones at St. Anthony’s may rest assured their loved ones are well cared for. There is a special employee there tending to your departed as if they were family.



By Kerry Minor

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