Think carefully about who you want to represent you

As you think about who you want to represent you in Congress for the next two years, please consider three sets of facts about our current House Representative, Elise Stefanik, and how how they contrast with her challenger Tedra Cobb.

First, you may be surprised to learn that Elise Stefanik has never been a resident or property taxpayer in our district. She grew up in the Albany area where she attended an exclusive private school. She then went on to Harvard University, graduating in 2006. From there she moved to Washington, DC, which has been her home base for the last 12 years. Her “official residence” is her parents vacation home in Willsboro, on Lake Champlain. But if you are hoping you might run into Elise at the local grocery store or pharmacy there, you’re very likely to be disappointed.

Second, Stefanik has raised a lot of money to support her election campaign — almost $2 million and counting in the current election cycle. But very little of that money, less than 10 percent comes from the people she supposedly represents in this district. Almost 55 percent of her support comes from outside of New York state. Among the biggest industries supporting Elise: Wall Street investment firms, lobbyists, and insurance companies. If she keeps her seat in Congress, whose interests will she be serving?

Thirdly, Stefanik has used that big pile of special interest money to lie to you about her opponent, Tedra Cobb. Perhaps you have seen the ads by now or maybe you will soon. Objective sources report that these ads have many distortions of Tedra Cobb’s actual record as a public servant. It makes you wonder what Elise has been up to in Washington that she believes that the best way to hold on to her seat is to dishonestly smear her opponent.

Here’s a little about Tedra Cobb. She has called our region home for over 30 years. Tedra rejects funding from big-money, special interests and she is committed to listening to and representing you. There’s an old political saying that rings true here: if you want the truth, “follow the money.” If you want a representative who is not “bought and paid for” choose Tedra Cobb on Nov. 6.



By Josh Bovee

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