Vote for Tedra, vote for the environment

Having witnessed the progress made since the 1970s to clean up our waterways, decrease air pollution, get rid of toxic dumps, prohibit the use of dangerous pesticides, and increase the fuel efficiency of cars, I now fear that we are going backwards under the current administration. We need Tedra Cobb in Congress to help stop this backward slide.

Tedra Cobb understands that water and air have no borders. If environmental protections are rolled back nationwide, northern New York will ultimately feel the effects of pollution from the west and south. Tedra understands that good sources of clean water are a big draw for businesses, that tourism relies on clean air, water and unpolluted land for recreation opportunities and that green energy creates job opportunities.

Meanwhile, our current Congresswoman, Elise Stefanik:

∫ Voted to weaken air pollution controls and allow the increase of greenhouse gas emissions. (Dec. 1, 2015, S J Res 23 and 24) Acid rain from greenhouse gas emissions produced by midwestern power plants nearly killed our Adirondack lakes in the 70s.

∫ Voted to undo the rules that protect streams and groundwater from pollution by coal mining operations, (Feb. 16, 2017 H J Res 38) thus propping up the fossil fuel industry at the expense of our environment.

∫ Voted to strip EPA funding by $328 million and underfund the Land and Water Conservation Fund. (July 19, 2018 HR 6147) There are 129 environment cleanup sites in NY-21 including our own Johnstown City Landfill.

∫ Voted to stop communities from regulating pesticides within their own borders and allow the EPA to approve new pesticides with no assessment of their impact on fish and wildlife (June 21, 2018 HR 2 — Farm Bill) hurting small farmers, damaging the environment and funneling taxpayer dollars to corporate farms.

In contrast, Tedra Cobb, understands that a clean environment is essential for our health and economy. Vote for Tedra Cobb.



By Kerry Minor

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