Vote for a change on Election Day

You probably recall that Republicans pushed through a tax bill last December that served up a large tax cut that mostly benefited large corporations and the wealthy. There were a few crumbs for the middle class but the long term effect of this bill sends 83 percent of the tax cuts the top one percent. Republicans claimed, without the backing of any serious economist, that these tax cuts would pay for themselves. Republicans were then surprised that the tax bill proved to be quite unpopular with the public and have avoiding talking about it during the current election season.

So now we have some year end data about how the tax cut is impacting the federal budget: the deficit is up 17 percent over the year before. Increased spending has played a role but a large factor is that revenues are down significantly due to the tax roll back. Those who have the most in our society are now asked to contribute less.

Perhaps you have heard how the top Republican in Congress has responded to the news of a growing budget deficit. Senate leader Mitch McConnell is blaming the deficit on “entitlement” programs: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. These programs, that we pay into all our working lives, will be on the chopping block if the current batch of Republicans remain in control of Congress. This is on top of ongoing efforts to undermine our existing healthcare system, including protections for those with pre-existing conditions.

Some have suggested that we are on the verge of moving from a democracy to a plutocracy, a society governed by the wealthy. Sadly, one major party does seem organized only around serving it’s wealthy donors while showing indifference to those of us struggling just to get by. They have managed to hold power through strategies that include voter suppression, whipping up fears about those who are different, and lots of “dark money” from groups like the Koch Brothers.

Our current representative, Elise Stefanik, is largely bankrolled by these big money interests and cannot be counted on to have our backs when we need her. Fortunately, we have a real alternative in this fall’s election. Tedra Cobb has extensive experience in making healthcare accessible to people in rural upstate New York and she promises to be a true representative of the people. Vote for change on Nov. 6.



By Josh Bovee

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