Elise Stefanik will protect our Second Amendment rights

I am writing to thank Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for her steadfast advocacy of our Second Amendment rights. Elise holds a strong disposition to protect our constitutional principles and has not wavered from fighting for our right to keep and bear arms. During her tenure as our Congresswoman, Elise has received an A rating from the NRA, has voted to protect Conceal and Carry laws, and has vehemently opposed New York’s flawed SAFE Act. Elise has worked hard to ensure that no individual will have their personal liberties suppressed by government overregulation or restriction of the Second Amendment.

Unfortunately, Elise’s opponent Tedra Cobb, does not share our values and has not fought to uphold our constitutional rights. Tedra has received an F rating from the NRA and was even caught on tape stating that she wanted to ban certain guns, but could not say so publicly at the fear of losing the election.

There is a clear choice this November. Either vote for Elise Stefanik, who shares our values and will fight to protect them in Congress, or vote for Tedra Cobb, who is willing to hide her true ambitions from the voters of the district. I believe Elise Stefanik has been a fantastic representative for our district and deserves to be re-elected this November.


Bleecker town councilman


By Josh Bovee

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