Wake-up property owners in Broadalbin

While it is understandable due to increased operating costs that the town has incurred, taxes may realistically have to rise. For the board to vote without prior notification to property owners or having a referendum of the plan to raise taxes by 177 percent is preposterous. The Broadalbin board has blindsided property owners. Ninety eight percent of the town residents are being set up for failure to pay their taxes. Many residents are living paycheck to paycheck and have no savings set aside. Working property owners did not receive a 177 percent raise in their pay checks and senior citizens will only receive a 2.8 percent increase in Social Security benefits. This board has presented a huge hardship to young people and senior citizens and to blame the prior board is unacceptable.

The town of Broadalbin does not provide garbage pickup, recycling, or spring clean up. The citizens must pay separately. What would be the negative impact if the town went bankrupt and the state took over?

One of many unhappy homeowners.



By Kerry Minor

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