A reply to Councilman Baldwin’s response

Mr. Baldwin’s response to the “year in review” is just an “opinion.” But I truly thank Mr. Baldwin for writing an editorial, but clearly it is an attack on me. What have other councilman done for your municipality?

1) The response failed to detail the confirmation of three mowings, in many ways.

2) If you have attended the public meetings, you will have firsthand knowledge in negating any truck purchases for two years.

3) Hiring employees with no official public announcement – confirmed.

4) Aspen Hills residents who have attended the meetings are fully aware of the leaking valve charge.

5) Predetermined path in the highway department for superintendent, as discussed in original article, seems to be supported by the written response but fails to identify the true discussion side stepping “restructuring.” Also supported by the recent news that the county is now going to pursue a study to consolidate the highway departments.

6) Hales Mills supported by both arguments that the project is being controlled by the county and little to no town involvement.

7) Response admits that the town is willing to provide paid time for lunch. “Happy employees” is part of the answer. I hope you’re a “happy taxpayer.”

8) Town hall upgrade not detailed and failed to identify concerns or recent issues or where it is “falling apart” unknown to me or the hired consultant upon the project, even Dormatory Authority of the State of New York. Recently, town hall needs a new roof because shingles and some roof deck is damaged, which is an added cost. In addition to an inoperable fire alarm system and an unfiled grant application by the town court for security cameras where added funds would have been transferred into the town hall upgrade for added SOW. These added cost were not part of the original application. Nor did the response detail that past administration never completed the storage area in the back of town hall under “their” control. The town does need to invest some monies. Though a town workshop was held which explained these concerns and it was clarified by everyone — it’s under control.

Residents know the truth. The response editorial was intended to bash me. As I have stated in the past, every time I write the “year in review” select tribes get defensive. I plan on running for one of the two positions, defiantly councilman — maybe supervisor.

Take back your town 2019.




By Patricia Older

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