Local libraries deserve recognition

Congratulations to all of the public libraries locally and throughout the nation for continually expanding their highly successful book reading competitions which have seen tremendous increases in the number of grade school students enhancing stronger and stronger interest in reading as many books as they and in the process enriching themselves by understanding the varied subject matter they become acquainted with.

This observation prompts a suggestion to be made that may be worthy of serious consideration:

Establish a “trees renewable club” program in every library with strong ties to the National Arbor Day Foundation for the purpose of pursuing ways to restore the standing forests that were completely wiped out by the northern California wildfires which are now classified as the world’s costliest single natural disaster in 2018.

Thousands of homes, other structures as well as enormous forest acreage were completely destroyed. With the help provided by the National Arbor Day Foundation, the membership of a library’s “trees renewable club” can learn how to become active “hands-on” participants in understanding what is needed to assist in restoring what has already been lost, as well as developing a clearly defined acceptance that the increasing wildfires in California are directly linked to climate change.

Today’s youth are the future heirs to the vast natural resources of our nation and that legacy will only remain intact if they become thoroughly educated in knowing how to properly confront and defeat the formidable challenges existing against maintaining permanent forest preventation.



By Patricia Older

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