Thank you to a man who gives all of himself

I want to start this by saying thank you.

I have witnessed Logan Barclay spend most of his free time, which he has none of, tirelessly volunteer at hundreds of events. Events ranging from recreation related, to fire department related, to city beautification related and a full spectrum in between.

This man spent almost his entire birthday running around a pond to measure fish in freezing temperatures and the occasional white out. Then he spent the next day volunteering his time at his fire department trying to encourage and recruit new firemen and women.

From the Recreation Commission to the Fire Department, to the Transit Commission and all of the other events and groups he is a part of he simply embodies what it means to love your community and to give back. He doesn’t realize what his impact is on the community or the lasting impression he leaves on those he meets.

Personally I am grateful for knowing him and lucky enough to call him a friend.

So again, I would like to say thank you Bruce, or Logan, whichever name we decide to call you today for everything that you do for our city, our community, and the future of this area. You truly are one of a kind and someone this community would be lost without. Keep up your amazing work!



By Patricia Older

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