Unprofessional behavior seen during soccer games

As a Fulton United Soccer Club spectator, I have recently observed some very unprofessional behavior. When a team has worked hard and developed their skills, they should not be punished for their determination to do their best.

Lately one team has been treated unfairly due to exemplary dedication to the sport. Coaches and co-ordinators criticizing these children for their determination and love for the sport is uncalled for.

They continuously ask the team to play down players and to take their top players out (which they have gone as far as having four players left on the field and they rotate players every four minutes.

Coaches and spectators of other teams continuously criticize a certain player because he is exemplary and goes above and beyond as a teammate.

To sum it up, at the last game of the season, four officials were assigned to the game to avoid any problems — yes four. Shame on you FUSC for putting four teenagers in that position.

If an adult has a problem, don’t send children in to defend you. Yes this is a recreation league for the children so let’s let the children play. This team does well because they have learned from the determination of their teammate. Other teams could learn from that also. A child should not be punished for doing his best.

I am very disappointed in the way this entire situation has been handled. As a spectator, I do have to apologize for my behavior of raising my voice to an opposing spectator because she was making comments and did not know the rules. For future reference, a goalie and defenders can go past the middle line. I hope that FUSC reviews their rules and etiquette and improves for the fall.



By Patricia Older

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