Vote for Marsha Purdue for Hamilton County court judge

Dear voters,

The primary is June 25. I am in a contested race for the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines. In our community, where the majority of voters are Republican, voting in the primary is critical and may decide the final election.

When you vote, please consider how my experience as a practicing attorney in Hamilton County for the last 30 years has made me uniquely qualified to be the Hamilton County Court judge. Also, please take into consideration my proven integrity as your district attorney for the last seven and a half years and my dedication to Hamilton County, the community I have always called home.

Thank you to all the great people who have so generously welcomed me into their homes and who have visited with me at events. Your kindness and support are inspiring.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to vote and I ask that you please vote for me, Marsha King Purdue, in the primary, next Tuesday, June 25. I am on the Republican ballot, third candidate, all the way to the right. This vote is critical, and your vote may be decisive.


Indian Lake

By Josh Bovee

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