Bicycle thieves have stolen more than bikes

To the individual/individuals that came behind the back of our house, mind you we are in the middle of a row of six townhouses, and stole my son’s and his friends’ BMX bikes you are nothing but a low-life, rotten human being. First of all, these bikes meant a lot to these boys. BMX is their passion and ride with their friends daily. Their bikes are even signed by a well-known sponsored BMX rider. You robbed them of that. Not only that, but you robbed them of their view on people. They just don’t understand how someone could do this to them. To them, no one can be trusted now.

They are 12 and 14 years old. Does this make you feel good about yourself? Can you really sleep at night knowing you think nothing of violating not one, but six families privacy by sneaking into their parking lot behind their houses in the middle of the night and stealing young teenagers bikes that stood right outside of my dining room windows? Of course the one time they forgot to bring them in the house at night. Sure we can eventually find a way to get them new bikes (these are not cheap Walmart bikes. They are expensive BMX brands), but the boys want their bikes back, theirs, not yours. The ones they worked so hard on and had so much sentimental value.

We are not giving up anytime soon. The bikes, God forbid, could be long gone or taken apart by now, but I still want to know who did this. Someone is sure to talk eventually.

Thank you to the community for helping by sharing the posts on social media (including Fulton County Area News and Johnstown Police Department who put the flyers on their Facebook pages) and the businesses that put up our flyers in your windows. Its greatly appreciated, more than you know.



By Josh Bovee

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