Columnist should look at the entire picture

So now the Democrats are up in arms about President Trump involving the military in the Fourth of July celebration at the Lincoln Memorial at taxpayer expense. Really?

At the same time, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is conducting opposition research disguised as an “investigation” against the president, and is using a lot more taxpayer dollars.

This is just another example of the mindless, endless and infuriating hypocrisy of the Left.

In another one of his vitriolic opinion columns (Leader-Herald, July 12, page 4A) Robert Reich denounces President Trump as a “puppet master” connoting an evil and manipulative person (see Due to space constraints I can only rebut a few of his statements.

Reich complains that Trump gets evangelicals and secularists upset about abortion, out-of-wedlock births and transgender bathrooms. Well, more than a few people are upset about these issues and it didn’t take any prodding from Mr. Trump to make them feel that way. For example, the causes, effects and consequences of out-of-wedlock births (see The Moynihan Report: The Negro Family — The Case for National Action, U.S. Department of Labor, 1965) have upset people on both sides of the aisle for many years prior to the Trump presidency. As an aside, Moynihan was a Democrat and an American sociologist who served as Assistant Secretary of Labor during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and went on to become a Senator from New York.

Reich accuses Trump of stirring up fears about “brown-skinned people streaming across the border to murder and rape.” Regardless of skin pigmentation, more than a few people illegally crossing the Southern Border are in fact murderers and rapists; they, and others without prior criminal histories, then go on to commit more crimes.

Many Americans worry about communists and socialists taking over America and why not?

Socialists have gained a beachhead in Congress; witness the likes of Bernie Sanders, AOC, Omar and Tlaeb. Bill DeBlasio, a Socialist, is the mayor of New York City. The one-party states of California and New York have essentially embraced Socialism, have seen their public debts soar (for example see and levy relatively high income and property taxes on their residents. As a result, many of their residents are legally “streaming across the border” to other states with lower taxes that are less “third world.”

Trump doesn’t have to “make the white working class believe they’ve been losing good jobs and wages.”

Americans of all skin colors have lost manufacturing jobs to other countries and not just because of the Democrats, “deep state” bureaucrats and Hillary Clinton, but in spite of them.

Like you Dr. Reich, Senator Moynihan was an appointed secretary of labor and a scholar, but in my opinion, he was better at being both.



By Josh Bovee

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