Let’s stand up for our community-minded efforts

National Grid is replacing the gas lines in our area, and they left a mess on our street. We talked to the on-site workers and called the “Customer Service” number, but everyone refused to clean up the mess, telling us we just had to live with it. We got results only after we sent an email to their corporate headquarters in London, England. Most big companies have an email for Investor Relations or Media Communications, so we sent our concern to those personnel. (There is no email for customer complaints.) The very next day we received a call from a local supervisor who said he was contacted because of those emails. (Note, not because of our earlier call to “Customer Service.”) He came out to the site the next business day after that, and the mess was cleaned up.

We sent copies of our email also to Gloversville Mayor DeSantis and to Councilman Zarrelli. They were very receptive to our concerns, and I thank them for that.

My point is that if any company, for whatever reason, is making a mess of our community, we do not need to just sit there and let them walk all over us. We all are working hard to make this a nice place to live, and to attract new homebuyers and businesses. We should not let any company make that effort more difficult than necessary. When you get brushed off by “Customer Service”, find the Investor Relations and/or Media Communications numbers or emails, and contact them. If they don’t care about their customers, they will at least probably care about their image.



By Patricia Older

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