Street needs a little ‘lawn care’

So I was driving down North Street recently after dropping off my son and couldn’t believe what I saw. It appeared that the street has a miniature median running down the middle of it. From about West Street down to near Arlington Avenue there is a crack in the middle of the street and there were weeds sprouting up.

I think it’s about time to have some landscaping done there or is there some paving on the docket soon? I know cities have paving priorities figured into their budget, but does anyone know if that street is being done? Don’t know if anyone on that street has brought up the issue before this, but it’s starting to look like a country dirt road. Sorry, but I’ve never seen this in the city before. I know the “main streets” are a little important, and the “side streets” always seem to be put off till later.

I am not a resident of the city, but I did spend my childhood and some adulthood there, and don’t ever remember seeing any street in that kind of condition before.



By Patricia Older

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