A little sarcasm concerning some left-leaning teenagers

Several weeks ago my attention was riveted by a news piece on the Internet. It examined a painful encounter that took place between Jahangir Turan and some cocky teens. Turan is a middle-aged, art gallery owner whose shop is located in New York City. He received a much-deserved education in American etiquette by some teenagers on Canal Street in Manhattan. I was impressed by the teens’ bravery; certainly, they possessed the courage of their convictions.

Turan was wearing a Make American Great Again hat: you know that stand-out, red cap that celebrates Donald Trump’s vision of an American renaissance. The incensed youths were offended by Turan’s nerve in wearing the cap on the streets of the Big Apple in broad daylight. I mean what was he thinking? Didn’t he realize how insensitive it was?

So it happened that Turan was beaten by 15 to 18 left-leaning, teens who shouted f*** Trump. One of them slammed Turan’s head into a scaffold. You could see that his head was swollen and bloody. Remember though, “You’ve got to break a few eggs in order to make an omelet” — right?

Well, the teens taught Turan an unforgettable lesson from a course called “Civility 101.” What’s more, the beating was in the style of Antifa, those fearless, rampaging, black-garbed and masked “guardians” of American social tolerance.

These particular teens demonstrated what really makes America great again: The courage to stand up for your beliefs. Bravo, teens.


P.S. While we’re on the subject, what drives the ongoing irrational hatred of Donald Trump? Oh, that’s right — it’s the power of the mainstream media: They were frustrated in their effort to elect Hillary Clinton president in 2016. How pathetic of them to be still harping on that singular disaster, three years later.



By Josh Bovee

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