Kudos to The Leader-Herald for thinking about the families

I would like to respond to the writer that was upset because you stop publishing [The Sunday Leader-Herald] on Sunday. He never delivered papers or he would have welcomed your plan to give the delivery people a day off. My husband and I delivered The Leader-Herald for 10 years in rain, snow, heat and cold. We only had to do it six days a week. That was plenty.

The writer was worried about not being able to relax with the paper after church on Sunday. He could always save it until Sunday to read it. What about the people working to provide the paper? Now they will be able to enjoy going to church on Sunday, doing things with the family or just plain sleeping in. I am glad that the Leader-Herald went back to six days a week. I am sure this will make it easier to get people to deliver the paper. It doesn’t go any good to make something if you can’t get it where it belongs.



By Josh Bovee

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