Month of September dedicated to National Literacy awareness

As a board member of Literacy New York-Fulton, Montgomery, and Schoharie counties, I know that learning to read, write, and communicate is not just a goal of young children, but also a goal of many adults in Montgomery and Fulton counties. These adults, approximately 12 percent of the population, are mothers, fathers, grandparents, voters, and quite possibly your neighbor. Fortunately, LNY-FMS has provided free one-on-one tutoring for adults by highly trained volunteers for 30 years. The education provided opens doors to job opportunities, career advancement, and higher wages.

This life changing one-on-one tutoring only costs about $700 per year per student. This is pennies in comparison to the personal and economic impact their education will have on themselves, their community, and the state.

September is National Literacy Month. I encourage anyone interested in learning more about this great organization to phone (518) 725-1440 or visit their website at



By Patricia Older

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