I encourage everyone to support Scott Jeffers

Mr. Scott Jeffers, a lifelong resident of the beautiful 4th ward of Johnstown, will be on the ballot for councilman. He will be receiving my vote.

I have known both candidates, both Mr. Jeffers and Maxwell Spritzer for over 25 years. While, I believe that either would be a competent member of the council and an asset in this role, it is Mr. Jeffers’ long and extensive connection to the people he will be serving and dedication to local, public service that make him the better candidate for our ward at this time.

Mr. Jeffers has been serving on the council since February. He’s served on the water board since 2008, including one year as its president and two as it’s vice president. He has been on the board of directors of the County Historical Society for five years and served on the tourism/special events committee for 6 years. He has also been a teacher for 6 years — the last two in special education in Johnstown. He coaches the Johnstown girls modified soccer team and has for two years, as well as serving as a coach for track and field. He also serves as the Town Crier for the holiday parade.

He has a true passion for public service and his community as this record indicates. His experience and enthusiasm will serve Ward 4 well. I encourage residents to vote for Scott Jeffers.



By Patricia Older

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