The sky is falling: Democrats’ battle cry is ‘Abuse of power’

Abuse of power! Abuse of power! It’s the Democrats’ new battle cry. Yet, assuming that Trump had abused his power in the first place, such abuse is not a criminal matter let alone an impeachable offense. (I’m aware that Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, for one, was impeached for corruption in 2009, but then he had been charged with 17 counts of criminal activity and was subsequently convicted and sent to prison. At this time, he is still in federal prison.)

Now back to our presidents: many of them from John Adams to FDR (and probably beyond) have been accused of abusing the power of their office. Indeed, our beloved 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, was the most egregious abuser of presidential power to date.

Believe it or not, in April 1861 Lincoln suspended — illegally — the writ of habeas corpus in a corridor that extended from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia. He also imprisoned confederate sympathizers in the Maryland General Assembly without charges ever being brought against them and without the benefit of trial. Furthermore, at one point, Lincoln even considered imprisoning the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Roger B. Taney, without charging him with any offense.

Today the Democrats are on a quest to overthrow Trump, a duly elected president, simply because they hate him — such action sets a dangerous precedent! If the Democrats succeed in removing him from office, the presidency may be critically and irreparably weakened.



By Josh Bovee

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