Donald Trump is the opposite of what a Christian should be

There is a man who has done the following:

1. Illegally kept blacks out of his apartment building.

2. Fought hard for the death penalty for the Central Park five. They were late released.

3. For many years said President Obama was born in Kenya.

4. He called black African countries, s-hole countries.

5. He told four elected members of Congress to go back where they came from. There were all American citizens of color.

6. He has banned most Muslims and other people seeking asylum.

7. He has between 15 and 20 women accuse him of sexual abuse.

8. He had one affair while his wife was having his baby.

9. He paid hundreds of thousands to two women to keep them quiet before the 2016 election.

10. He passed tax cuts for the rich that has caused the deficit to soar to $1 trillion and now wants to cut social programs to pay for it.

11. He has proposed changes that would take over 700,000 people off food stamps.

12. He has changed rules to allow companies to dump their waste into streams and rivers.

13. He has cut back on clean air and water policies which protect our families.

14. He has tried to get a foreign country to help him get re-elected, a violation of our Constitution.

15. This man, Donald Trump, is the complete opposite of what a Christian should be. Every week in church, I listen and read how we should help the poor and helpless. This man is a racist and a bigot who only wants to help the rich and himself.



By Josh Bovee

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