Families of Schoharie limousine tragedy grateful for legislation

To your readers:

The families of the Oct. 6, 2018, Schoharie limousine tragedy are very grateful that Governor Cuomo has signed into law all of the legislation proposed and passed by the New York State Senate and Assembly. These laws were a necessary first step to address significant safety deficiencies within this industry here in New York state.

Behind this effort were moms and dads, sisters and brothers, grandmoms and granddads, wives and grandchildren. Also, thanks go to our communities that literally held us in their arms, and in their thoughts and prayers over these past 17 months. This safety legislation is fitting legacy to all those that perished that day as well as to the first responders.

Lastly, we stand committed to work with our local federal legislators to pass federal legislation that will help insure limousine safety becomes the national norm.


father of Patrick Kevin Cushing

Saratoga Springs

By Kerry Minor

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