Gag me with spoon: Democrats’ performance lacked decorum

Disgusting! The performance exhibited by the Democrats in the House of Representatives during the president’s address last night lacked even a hint of decorum. Their behavior was a calculated insult to the president and to the American people — a real slap in the face. The Democrats sat on their hands in their armored darkness, many of them dressed entirely in white (what was the significance of that?), pointedly chatting among themselves while the president spoke — except for a brief period of unintelligible chanting.

But the absolute nadir was reached when Nancy Pelosi ostentatiously tore up the president’s speech — behind his back — at the close of the State of the Union address. Outrageous! Pelosi has not a half thimble full of class. And it really showed last night.

The Dems’ behavior would not have been tolerated in my high school during the 1960s. But in the Congress of the United States? My God, this country is going to hell in a handbasket delivered by Federal Express.



By Kerry Minor

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