Julius Caesar and pretenses to justify exorbitant demands

These words were written by Julius Caesar over 2,000 years ago, describing Cassius. “Being greatly in debt, he resolved to pay it by laying heavy burdens upon the province: and, according to the custom of prodigals, made his liberalities a pretense to justify the most exorbitant demands. He taxed the rich at discretion, and compelled them to pay, without the least regard to their remonstrance; frequently making light and trifling offenses the handle for all manner of extortion. All methods of gain were pursued, whether great and reputable, or mean and sordid. None that had any thing to lose could escape accusation; insomuch, that the plunder of their private fortunes was aggravated by the dangers they were exposed to from pretended crimes.”

Sounds like New York state under the Progressive leadership of our governor and NYC’s mayor.

The above quote is from The Complete Works of Julius Caesar: The Alexandrian Wars, Chapter 49.



By Josh Bovee

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