God help us and bring leadership with a conscience

As an upstate resident, my heart truly breaks for the downstate and metro populations; we have watched horrific policies put in place that are literally destroying our communities and all the while the downstate area is being completely victimized by their leaders.

All the evil and brokenness facing our smaller, upstate communities are microcosms of the issues of enormity facing our higher populated, more heavily crime-ridden areas elsewhere in the state. The epic fail bail reform is a despicable piece of legislation that is a disgrace to all efforts to mitigate the disastrous societal impact of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, rampant and random crime, organized gang activity and virtually every evil known to mankind. This is insanity and we need leadership with a conscience.

The addiction epidemic and the crime it fuels is going to require a complete overhaul of our jail system and probably larger facilities to safely and humanely house individuals who are a threat to themselves and others and it shouldn’t cost $50 to 100,000 per inmate/resident of the facilities that the state operates. Total overhaul is needed and closing prisons, putting violent offenders back on the streets and rewarding crime is not the answer.

God help us and bring leadership with a conscience. Downstate and upstate have to unite; it’s literally life or death at this point.



By Josh Bovee

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