America needs to wake up: Cannot continue on this path

As President Trump continues to lead this country by making decisions based on gut instinct, many of which have failed, the nation continues to suffer the consequences. His failure to heed warnings from advisers and his refusal to listen to medical experts has put our population in great peril. Granted, he didn’t create the COVID-19 virus; but, his administration was woefully unprepared to fight it. Inadequate testing and a low national stockpile of medical equipment cost precious time in trying to control the virus in spite of being warned from November through February about the looming pandemic. It wasn’t until late March that he finally started to be a little serious about this crisis. Even then, briefings were held with the coronavirus Task Force as a backdrop to “The Trump Show” in which he bragged about his TV ratings and the wonderful progress being made to fight COVID-19. Of course, such progress was being made two months too late.

Now the president wants to open things up and get the economy back on track by early May, despite warnings from Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx. When asked what metrics he would use to open the economy, he pointed to his head and indicated the metrics are located there. How’s that for scary?

As a nation, we will get through this; but, it will take years for everything to return to normal. To all Trump supporters who feel that the president has handled this crisis well: Take off your rose-colored glasses. Everyone in this country will suffer some form of economic loss and hundreds of thousands will suffer the loss of family members and friends due to the incompetence of the current administration. Please take this into consideration on Nov. 3. We cannot continue on this path of self destruction.



By Josh Bovee

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