War gardens could provide some added protections

Charles L. Pack came up with an idea, in 1917, called the “War Garden” during WWI and it continued into WWII due to the hardship and pressure placed on industry such as transportation and goods. The war garden became a form of accomplishment that provided individual satisfaction / morale from home gardening and canning.

Though the coronavirus (novel COVID-19) has literally impacted the entire economic standard around the world, as well as social health, war gardens may help. During this troublesome time, each person plays an important role upon social distancing and individual protections to end the pandemic. We may not be able to satisfy our prior lifestyles at this moment, but we could revert to a war garden to gain self-accomplishment, a small harvest, and lighten the impact on the farming and transportation industry. Though the U.S. government believes this pandemic can be controlled, there is no guarantee and it has been stated that it could cycle again. War gardens could provide some added protections to your family, society, and the nation.

Planting season is just around the corner. Maybe a war garden is a positive action which can impact the community with a victory. What story could your creative war garden grow?



By Josh Bovee

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