We need to replace Trump follower, Elise Stefanik

It is no secret that President Trump is an appalling human being. His lies, broken promises, corruption, delusions of greatness and general incompetence has this country on the bring of becoming a failed state. Trump surprises us almost daily with yet another example of why he is the worst president in history. However, his presidency is only possible because Trump is surrounded and protected by enablers. These Trumpist flying monkeys make excuses for his impulsive and dangerous decisions. They normalize his abuses of power. They gloss over his fraternizing with dictators. When Trump weakens our democracy, they spin it as making America great. Elise Stefanik, our District 21 congressional representative, is one of those psychopaths.

Stefanik is the Vanna White of politics. She smiles invitingly and then does whatever her GOP masters tell her to do. Her reputation as a moderate bipartisan is a fraud. According to FiveThirtyEight, the polling organization of Nate Silver, Stefanik voted with Trump over 75 percent of the time and 89 percent of the time when Republicans controlled the House. During those rare instances when she opposed Trump, Stefanik’s vote made no difference in the outcome. It made her a favorite at Trump’s Tulsa rally last July. At that dangerous convocation, both Herman Cain and Trump refused to wear a mask. Cain later died from the coronavirus. The rally also produced a smiling picture of Stefanik without a mask. When later campaigning in New York, though, Stefanik wrapped herself up like the foster child of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the much-embattled government infectious disease expert.

Before our current pandemic, I had the good fortune to see Tedra Cob, her opponent, in person on at least four occasions. Cobb expressed cogent and thoughtful opinions without notes or prepared questions. Her entire political career focused on helping her local community. Unlike her opponent, Cobb was a long-term district resident. She steadfastly worked decades on containing taxes while making government useful, getting people healthcare and protecting our environment.

It looks like the Democrats might win a sweeping victory in the next election. Let us not limit that victory to simply replacing Donald Trump. Let us also replace his Republicans toadies, like Stefanik. Their cowardness will not serve us well during our coming difficult times.



By Patricia Older