I am Republican, but I am voting for Biden, Cobb

Egad! What to mention? Trump’s fraudulent taxes, his demented, toddler-like un-presidential behavior during the debate, his lies about COVID, even as he huffs and puffs, using accessory muscles and pursed-lip breathing to get his breath while ripping his mask off and telling us that COVID is “No big deal?”

How about his stand on abortion? I don’t believe in abortion either, but all he wants is to get the child born. Once its born, he loses all interest in its welfare. Does he care if it has health care, clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a planet not about to be overwhelmed by global warming? A resounding no. Just get that child born, then let it suffer.

As a Republican, I feel that Trump is totally unfit to be our president, and I will be voting for Biden for president, and for Tedra Cobb for Congress, since Elise Stefanik supports much of Trump’s idiocy. I hope you will do the same.



By Paul Wager