The reasons why I voted to abolish the water board

I voted to abolish the Water Board and here’s why. In my opinion, there are way too many issues that they haven’t been addressed properly over the years by the board. They have been found to be negligent in taking care of our water system which has resulted in increased costs to fix multiple issues. One of the dams can’t even be insured anymore and is considered a loss of life dam. They had to buy over $200,000 of water from Gloversville due to infrastructure issues that they have still not addressed. They have no backup employees that are any where near qualified to take over for John Denmark, who is getting ready to retire and will have to hire someone from the outside at a huge costs to us taxpayers. They boast how proud they are that water rents haven’t been increased in five years, but that’s because they haven’t done anything to maintain our system.

They try to defer issues back on Mike Gifford, but he’s not putting his job on the line for their misappropriation of funds issues. And now they have appointed George DiMarco back on the board who was a major part of their issues of the year, just read the Grand Jury report. There is no stability on their board with the high turnover they have had. They tried hiring Dale Trumbull at $70K/year, plus full benefits at $30K/year and three weeks PTO for 35 hours/work/week and he had no water experience. Denmark has more experience.

Some say the city just wants to get their hands on the water rents to use for whatever they want. So what, it’s all taxpayer money and will be spent to benefit us no matter what. Right now there is no “extra” money, because it is going cost more to do necessary repairs that have been let go then there is in any fund balance they may have.

These are the main reasons I’m voting to abolish the board. I hope this may help anyone who is still trying to decide.



By Patricia Older