Why would you vote for Trump?

I have a few questions. Why would you vote for a president who can’t get a loan from a bank in the USA? He can’t get a loan from an American bank because he has claimed corporate bankruptcy four times. Erick Trump made it very clear where they get their loans when he said “We don’t need American banks, we get our money from Russia.’

Why would you vote for a president who for four years refused to show his taxes? With the exception of Gerald Ford who showed a tax summery, every president from Nixon to Obama have released their full tax returns to the American public. Its not a law but its a matter of transparency to the people of the U.S., who they serve. Now we know part of the reason for the POTUS to keep his finances secret. He has a secret bank account in China, from an audit that he has been lying about for four years.

Why would you vote for a president who shows such blatant disrespect for out troops who he refereed to as “suckers and losers?” I’m wondering what our veterans in the 21st Congressional District think of the POTUS pardoning a war criminal who only served 8 years of his 16 year sentence? How do our Veterans feel about Russia putting bounty’s on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan? We have not heard one word from the POTUS or Elise Stefanik. Not one word.

Elise Stefanik, like the POTUS, loves to be in front of the camera where we saw her at the RNC without a mask. She was at Trump rallys without a mask. Not a very good role model for the people in the 21st .

We have a choice. Vote for Tedra Cobb who will be a roll model for all the people who reside in the 21st Congressional District.



By Patricia Older