With Trump, I know what I am getting

Governor Cuomo and Mr. Zucker have been requested to release the number of nursing home residents that died in the hospital of COVID-19. It’s been two months since this request and to date no answer to the question. When anyone is admitted to the hospital, all information including name, address, etc., is needed. Therefore, there should be no problem retrieving this information unless you don’t want to release these numbers. With regard to the No Bail Reform law, this has released alleged criminals to walk into court and walk right back out into the streets. If you want to know why crime has increased, could this be the reason? Governor Cuomo and the state legislature have put handcuffs on law enforcement and judges instead of criminals.

Vice President Biden has stated he will bring jobs back to this country, increase wages and much more. He has been involved in politics for over 40 years. Most recently he was vice president for eight years under President Obama and yet he never did anything about the things he’s promising to do now. If he couldn’t get any of these promises accomplished in the over 40 years he was involved in politics, how will he make good on those promises in just four years. On TV Biden stated that his wife tells him what people he should have around him. Is this the kind of man we would want as president of our country? As far as Social Security, little or no COLA’s were given and Medicare payments continue to increase. Pensions and investments were in the toilet under President Obama but under President Trump they soared. The Democratic Party is not what it used to be years ago.

Danille Pletka, a conservative, is a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., stated the following: “With Trump I know what I’m getting. He wears his sins on the outside. For good and ill, he runs his administration.” Don’t forget to vote.


St. Johnsville

By Paul Wager