Fleas can kill your pet

I need to share something with all of you

Death by fleas

Most people don’t think a few fleas are a big problem. I’m here to educate you. A female flea has ovaries it needs two blood meals to reproduce. One flea bites 2,000 times in 24 hours. Can you imagine an infestation?

They re-produce every 14-15 days. They cause your pet extreme discomfort. Medically speaking, they cause severe anemia. They slowly kill your pet by sucking blood. Your pet can’t do anything about it but you can.

Google capstar — it’s the flea pill that vets charge so much for. Puppybutts.com has affordable pills on e-bay. I’m encouraging everybody to use capstar pills. Safe enough for everyday use, even pregnant pets can take it safely.

I hope I have enlightened everyone. Fleas cause severe anemia — that’s a slow death, happening right in front of you. Please access and treat your pet.

I am their voice: Love to all pets.



By Patricia Older