Landlords association forming to help protect landlords

Small landlords in New York state are facing more challenges today than ever before as they struggle with eviction bans, high property taxes and government-imposed restrictions.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s efforts to prevent evictions during the pandemic have been particularly troublesome. Some tenants have stopped paying rent, but under the state’s new eviction limits, landlords can do little about it. These landlords have to pay for mortgages, taxes, liability insurance, water and maintenance while receiving no money from tenants and no relief from the state.

Meanwhile, local governments are demanding penalties for late tax payments and, in some cases, forcing landlords to pay fines for property-maintenance violations caused by tenants who pay no rent and can’t be evicted. Some local mandates may even be in conflict with state tenant-protection laws.

Most of us small landlords are willing to help out and work with tenants during difficult times, but we simply don’t have the money to subsidize people’s housing needs on behalf of the government.

It has become obvious to me that landlords need to do something to fight for their rights. This is why I’m joining other landlords to organize a landlords association in Fulton County. This group will conduct its first meeting at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 10 at the Concordia Club in Gloversville. We are inviting all people who own rental property in Fulton County to attend this meeting.

We will work toward giving landlords a louder voice, improving our communities and making sure both tenants and landlords are treated fairly.



By Patricia Older