Americans deserve the truth

Seeing as how our newest president has wiped off the dust and hired a bunch of Obama’s former lackies, I think that the new administration should be called the O’Biden administration. These are some of the same people that had a G.D.P. under 2.0 for eight years, told us that manufacturing jobs were gone, were friendly with China, Iran and Cuba and despised Israel. The same people that lied about Fast and Furious, the IRS not giving conservative groups non-profit status, lied about Bengazi and let Hillary Clinton bleach bit a hard drive remove sim cards and smash phones with hammers. And of course not scrutinized by the liberal media. And now that the Democrats control the White House and both branches of Congress, they are backed by and covered for by the liberal media, big tech, the unions and a lot of big corporations.

So, now, with all this leverage, they want to destroy Donald Trump’s supporters, the GOP, conservative news and radio shows and their hosts. Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and Amazon are already censoring conservatives on their platforms. They are trying to totally control free speech. And now the administration is talking about a “Reality Czar” to stop disinformation.

Really? It seems to me that CNN, MSMBC, ABC, CBS and NBC and certain newspapers were all wrong about reporting: Russian collusion, Ukranian phone call, Covington High School student Jesse Nollett, the peaceful protests and Hunter Biden’s laptop. It’s so funny how they all must of received their slogan of the day: Treason, Hitler, constitutional crisis, insurrection, peaceful protests and many more. And like parrots they all repeated it 24/7. It’s also funny how the conservative media got it right. Because of investigative journalism and not ideological and opinionated reporting.

It’s just too bad that the liberal medial vilified Donald Trump as soon as he and Melania came down the escalator. They never reported or covered all of his great accomplishments that were great for the American people. The American people deserve the truth from the media. And the liberal media should apologize and be ashamed of themselves. Good luck with the O’Biden administration and his parrots.



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