Biden’s pipeline decision is not an attack on the rule of the law

Murgatroyd. I am a registered Republican, a Mayflower descendent, and by DNA, 51 percent Norwegian. However, I find the newspaper, “the Epoch Times” which arrived in my post, billing itself as “traditional, honest journalism without any spin, false narratives or hidden agendas” to be telling a Bismarckian falsehood.

The article, “Cancelling Keystone, a Community Devastated,” tells the truth about a white community that lost jobs, but this is spin. What about the Sioux, on the reservation Keystone goes through, without their permission and to their great dismay? This pipeline desecrates sacred sites, and leakage contaminates their water. The article makes no mention of this. The U.S. set aside these reservations, albeit waste lands, like the lands called the Bad Lands, which are part of the Pine Ridge Reservation, as sovereign territory. Cigarettes are cheap because there are no taxes, casinos are legal, even in states where they are illegal, my track phone, which doesn’t work outside of the U.S. does not work on Pine Ridge, and the Mohawks even have their own passport. Putting a pipeline through tribal lands is akin to Jordan putting an unwanted pipeline through Israel to reach the Mediterranean, and running it through the Wailing Wall and Golgotha, the site where Jesus was crucified. The article bills Biden’s Keystone shutdown as an “attack on the rule of law.” Is it not an “attack on the rule of law” to put a pipeline through a sovereign country that doesn’t want it? I say, the oil companies can take this pipeline and give themselves an enema with it.



By Paul Wager