Everyone should get along with one another

Referencing a letter to the editor “America deserves the truth”, Mr. Wager is absolutely right. We do deserve the truth, but what is the truth? Is it undermining the Constitution of these United States by asserting with no proof that countless individuals and states cheated the election process therefore we must disregard almost eighty million votes and declare the loser the winner? Seems impossible.

Do we also disregard the words of a past president which incited a mob to attempt to occupy the People’s House, destroying in the process property and causing the death and injury of a number of individuals?

Seems impossible. And, anyone, could you please list some of the “great accomplishments” that the 45th president has bestowed on the American people? All I remember is tweets full of criticisms, insults, and nonsense. Harm to the environment, dislike of America from other countries in the world because, yes, America is great, but still part of a vast diverse world and our aim should be to get along with everyone. That’s possible.



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