Hawkins is the only candidate committed to our community

The times that we may be living in is uncertain especially during this pandemic. But things that are certain is Gloversville’s current population is 14,000 people. A vastly aging population with young people leaving by the minute.

With a mental health crisis that is ongoing with no support by our own congresswoman, 6,440 adults living in Gloversville, face mental illness with limited resources to help them (approximately one in three adults).

With this being said, I find it very alarming that we have two candidates in Gloversville, one running for mayor and the other one running for councilman-at-large not advocating for mental health faculties or having any type of plan in place (William Rowback and Wayne Peters). All they been advocating for is having information more available to the public. But last I knew isn’t that called the internet or reading the newspaper? We are in a huge crisis and voting them into office makes you just as much the problem on why Gloversville has turned for the worst.

So I wanna advocate for someone who actually has the experience to defeat this crisis considering she has worked with the mental health industry for years on end. Lashawn Hawkins. She’s the only candidate that is committed to real change and isn’t even in office at this moment. Yet Miss Hawkins is working continuously to make our community better. By feeding the homeless, giving underprivileged children back to school supplies and having a toy drive or a meal drop off every major holiday. On Nov. 2, I ask you to vote her into office for councilwoman-at-large.



By Patricia Older