Letters to the editor

Consider Herr for Johnstown city treasurer

I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas for three years, this month. I was hired as the executive director of Brookdale Senior Living and Thomas was/is the current business office manager.

To say he has been amazing to work with is an understatement. Thomas has been my right hand person since my first day. He has always ensured everything is completed as it should be, and goes out of his way to make sure I have everything I need. He brings things to my attention that need to be handled in the community and reminds me of items I may have forgotten about. The communication between us has always been open and honest. Thomas is a respected member of our community and I am grateful to have been working with him.

On a personal note; Tom has always been very kind and somehow remembers important dates like birthdays, work anniversary’s etc. He is probably one of the most genuine individuals I have ever met and or worked with. I have a great amount of respect for Thomas. He would make a great treasurer for the city of Johnstown.


Clifton Park

A plea for politicians to remove their heads from the sand

While I applaud A) the renovation and use of a long abandoned and eyesore of a building, and B) A lovely picture of a dream future for our city, it makes me terribly sad to see the needs of the many being pushed aside to support an idealistic agenda of the few.

It would be amazing to see what could be accomplished if so much time and resources were used to research and implement programs that support the actual needs of the majority of residents of this city. A proposed complex within the heart of the city, with its lower income and senior residents, could literally be the beating heart of the city with a much needed locally placed grocery complex and a community gathering place where in-reach programs, out-reach programs and community gatherings could take place.

While I also wish for great things for our city, we cannot achieve greatness without first addressing and overcoming what currently is distressing the majority of the community at hand.



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